Meet Emily

Meet Emily...

Hey guys! Thank you so much for visiting #EMP! Here's a little bit about me.....


I currently live in Columbia, Missouri with my loving husband. We've been together 12 years and married for 8 years! We welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby girl in November 2018. She has brought so much joy to our lives and has made my love for photography grow even more!  I mean, I am definitely biased, but she's the cutest!

I love art in general. It doesn't matter if it's photographs, drawings, crafts, or music. I'm a fan.  

I'm constantly torn between wanting to travel the world and wanting to relax at home watching The Office for the hundredth time!

Any time spent with our families is so special, but the best thing is that our families keep growing! I love that I also get to play the role of Auntie Em to 11 nieces and 4 nephews and I'm so looking forward to all of the future cousin play dates between our families!

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The Office

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